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Message from the president

Revolution of communication

代表取締役社長 鬼武公洋
How many companies can demonstrate 100% of their power to get along the current intense information culture? The knowledge gained in books or the know-how coached by the consultant companies will be soon turns obsolete, and you will obtain only handful of practical information even participating in lectures. And moreover, it is not too much to say that to grab the method of victory from these are extremely difficult.
We are based on the know-how proven methodologies rather than a pipe dream based on the mere theory. We have been offering the most suitable reform proposals based on the technique and know-how which we have achieved.

We always provide new and practical suggestions based on the up to date know-how. Please see to the know-how of our company commerce with more than annual 600 million yen turnover.

CEO Kimihiro Onitake